Very exciting things are happening at Rebecca Elizabeth, we now have a tentative launch date for May 13th! The entire last years worth of work is finally coming together :)

We just wrapped up our photoshoot and will have the professional edited images within the week so exciting!

Setting out to organize the shoot I knew I wanted to do an outdoor location shoot and I wanted to show as much of our size range as possible to give everyone a very good idea of exactly what the dresses will look like in each size. I decided to sample every dress in my smallest, mid, and largest size which meant I needed to order 12 samples and hire 3 models, and I had 2 weeks to pull it all together Eeeeek!

First I spoke with my production partner Panah Project and ordered the samples. They amazingly were able to get them completed quickly and on time for the shoot.

Next I cast the shoot, I needed to book three models plus a photographer, makeup artist, and hair stylist. I wanted to find good people who would be able to work with me on my limited start-up budget. I posted a casting call on Model Mayhem for the entire crew and found some truly talented people. First I booked the photographer Boris Brenman, he has been a great partner for the whole process and was super excited to help me capture my creative vision from the start, he also helped by recommending makeup artists and hairstylists he knew from working in the industry. Next I booked Payton the hairstylist and Jenn the makeup artist. I was able to find two amazing and lovely models from the casting call Kadith and Tati and then final model, Marissa I found on Instagram by reaching out to her directly.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The week before the shoot I scouted out locations, at first my idea was to shoot in the Brooklyn Botanic garden, the cherry blossoms are blooming and it would be a beautiful spot to do the photoshoot, unfortunately it’s a very busy season and you have to get approved for a permit which they aren’t giving out at the moment. Next the photographer suggested we shoot in the park near his studio in Long Island city. I went to visit it but unfortunately due to the season most of the plants was brown and not so pretty yet. So we finally landed on shooting at the beach. I found out the Jones Beach West in Long Island has some nice sand dunes and a rock inlet which I thought could be interesting in the background for the photoshoot.

Jones Beach West

We had planned a half day shoot starting hair and makeup in Long Island City then driving a rented SUV out to the beach. Unfortunately everything took longer than expected so it ended up being a very long day for everyone starting at 9am and ending around 7:30pm!

Boris shooting Kadith Tati & Marissa in the Elektra dress

The entire crew was incredibly talented and professional, plus the weather turned out perfectly after a week of rain, I feel very thankful that things worked out so well.

Kadith in the Persephone dress

The dresses turned out beautifully and the graded samples fit perfectly. I’m very grateful to my production partner Panah Project for making them all in time and getting them delivered to me the night before the shoot.

Marissa in the Aurora dress

There was a bit of a windchill so we ended up shooting near the renovated facilities building in Jones Beach West. They have sand dunes all around and I really love the way the wood fence texture works into the photos. We were able to shoot one dress the Persephone by the water and the rocks. I’m so excited to see the final images!

Tati in the Aurora dress

Please let me know what you think of the snapshots below and I’ll have the final images of all our dresses ready to start sharing next week!! :)