Sampling Update

Spring is starting to feel like it’s in the air in NYC, and we’re getting closer and closer to our launch!

I have some very exciting updates on our samples! First we finalized the design of all four of our styles. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for offering your feedback and thoughts on choosing the last two, I couldn’t do this without you!

Persephone Dress

Our first style the Persephone dress is I’m excited to say 95% of the way done! Shout out to our amazing production partner Morteza at Panah Project for making it happen, it was a very difficult pattern to get right, we went through many rounds of revisions and as Morteza says the details on the dress define the laws of gravity. I took home the final sample to fit and test last Friday and so far I have found just one tiny pattern adjustment that’s needed. The next step is to try the 8/10 sample on as many people as possible to confirm the fit and then grade the other sizes of the pattern and fit the smallest and largest sizes.

I’ve been thoroughly wear testing the Persephone, last week I took a 16 hour trip including a 9 hour flight wearing the dress and I can tell you she’s unbelievably comfortable, soft and at the same time very elegant. During the wear test the phrase effortlessly elegant popped into my head I think these two adjectives are the perfect description of the collection!

I did have to make a small adjustment to the design, instead of the pleats draping all the way around the sides as pictured below in the center, we changed the pleats to go into the side seam and then continue around, the sides were just looking too bulky with the full cowls.

Elektra Dress

The Elektra pattern was finished last week and we reviewed the 1st muslin yesterday, this stage is the second of sampling after the pattern is complete. I’m very excited to share the photos of her with you, she’s coming along very nicely so far! She has lovely full volume scrunchie straps and a beautiful tired circle skirt cut on the bias. We need to adjust the fitting of the top a little to fully cover a bra, and are also closing up the side cut-outs a bit they are too open and causing too much stress to be put on the seam in the center front that’s holding up the entire skirt. This dress will be made in a lightweight organic linen or linen silk blend, I think the slight shine of a linen silk blend would be gorgeous on the strap detail!

Aurora Dress

The Aurora dress is in the muslin stage as well, yesterday we reviewed the 2nd muslin which is I’m happy to say almost perfect! This dress is stunning in person even unfinished in muslin, the bodice is so attractive on. Currently the tiered skirt has an raw edge on the tiers which we love but it is adding labor cost to develop, we’re considering switching to a regular seam on the tiers. I also decided to change the way we lace up the back I think it looks really stunning with the wide gathered straps coming straight down the back instead of crossing over. I’m really happy with this one, please let me know what you think! :)

Artemis Dress

The Artemis muslin was also finished yesterday. This style as is will not be bra friendly. I would like to keep the open back design but I am open to revising it if that is preferred or may add a lining to the front and some sort of support structure, still working through the details! This dress is very easy to wear and will be the simplest design of the collection, I just adore the extra bit of attitude the shoulder pads add! She’s getting a few revisions but almost there, slightly shorter length, pleat direction on the shoulder pads changed to facing out, center lacing detail will continue down to the waistband and have hidden hoops, the back opening will be less wide. This style will be in our beautiful sandwashed cupro in Sea and Nymphea.

Sea & Nymphea

Sandwashed Cupro

I finalized the colors of the cupro we’ll be offering in the Persephone and Artemis dress, Sea (navy) & a beautiful dusty rose I’m calling Nymphea pictured above.

A note on the fabric used on the Persephone & Artemis, it’s an ultra soft sand-washed cupro made out of recycled cotton linter which traditional is waste. It feels like a mid weight super soft sand-washed silk, it’s honestly amazing and has a multi-dimensional finish similar to velvet. Using sustainable, natural & breathable fabrics is very important to me. The fashion industry is overrun by unsustainable polyester fabrics which are honestly awful for you to wear and worse for the environment the micro plastics never go away. Often they are used because they are the cheapest option and easiest to care for. Our cupro fabric is thankfully washable by hand or machine on the delicate cycle, however after hanging it to dry I did find it does tend to wrinkle and may need to be steamed or lightly ironed or dry cleaned to avoid the wrinkle issue. I believe the benefits greatly out weigh this annoyance. I would love to you what you think as well, please comment below!

I’m be organizing an editorial photo & video shoot this or next month in NYC to beautifully capture our lovely samples and will wait to share a complete photo reveal until then. I’ll be in touch next week with more news!



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