Hello & Welcome!

My name is Rebecca and I’m the creator of Rebecca Elizabeth.

Rebecca Elizabeth is slow fashion brand we are launching this Spring with a capsule of four dresses that are made in sustainable materials, think organic cotton, cupro made from cotton waste, & deadstock fabrics.

Since I was little my dream has been to one day launch my own brand. I always loved dressing up, my grandmother Marielle had a closet full of beautiful vintage dresses which we would play in and wear for tea parties at her house. My mother taught me to sew at a very young age I started making and designing dresses for my dolls. I also loved art and drawing in school it was my favorite subject, it was easy for me to figure out what I was gifted with and passionate for. So when I was 17 I left my hometown in Michigan and moved to New York to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology to follow my dream to become a fashion Designer.

Fast forward to today I have 13 years of experience working for other brands in the fast fashion big business industry. While I have enjoyed my time working for others and learned and grown as a Designer I have seen firsthand how harmful the industry can be to everyone involved in the process. How wasteful the industry is with materials and samples how the people on the bottom of the chain often aren’t making a living wage. I believe the industry has to do a much better job, we owe it to ourselves and the future to be more mindful in our choices and create products in a more kind and sustainable way. I have wanted to start something on my own for a quite a few years, but so many things seemed to get in the way, it was never the right time. I let the fear of failure stop me from taking real action and making the dream a reality.

Living through the first wave of the COVID lockdown in New York City was terrifying. We were scared to leave the house and worried constantly that we could get sick and die and the help we could need might not be available. I started having nightmares about my life the possibility of dying and regret for not yet following my true dream and creating something truly worthwhile.

After that I decided to finally it was the year to make it happen. I joined an amazing business incubator Factory 45. The program takes sustainable businesses from idea to launch. the support from the program and the group has been phenomenal! If you are thinking to launch a sustainable brand I highly recommend them.

This spring we will be launching via a pre-sale here on our website. Pre-sales are much more sustainable then traditional manufacturing since you only produce when you sell instead of guessing what will sell and over producing ending up with extra stock that no one wants, not very sustainable!

We have partnered with an incredible partner in Brooklyn New York for our launch They are an ethical manufacturing company which was quite hard to find! They pay their employees very good living wages and we feel great about that.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more of my story and the reasons for creating Rebecca Elizabeth as well as a peak into my creative process and inspirations. I’m so excited to share this journey with you!