I believe it's so important to be transparent and that's why I'm happy to share with you today exactly how much each style in the new collection actually cost to make. 

There is so much more to the cost of an item than the final sticker price you see. I've spent over a decade working in a traditional retail environment and have seen countless times the human and environmental cost of putting profits and the bottom line above people and the plant. 

Did you know inflation has risen steadily year after year but the cost of most clothing has actually decreased? It does not add up. Most brands pay people in a third world country minimum wage with no benefits to sew over 90% of clothing out on the market. We have to do better.

Please think about who sews your clothing what is their life like? Can they afford safe housing? Provide for their families? Take a sick day if they are ill and afford medical care? Live without constant stress and abuse? Most brands do not pay their workers a living wage.

Most garments are not made in sustainable materials but synthetic ones that would take centuries to decompose.

Please join me to help change the industry to put people and the environment our future first. I realize no fashion brand is 100% sustainable but progress over perfection is a excellent place to start.